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Genepool Distribution have been helping bands getting their records into shops for quite a while now, acts like Hard-Fi, Newton Faulkner, N-Dubz and Ladytron to name a very few. We have decided to offer a second service out to all the bands and labels who haven't the budget for a nationwide release.

Selling your Vinyl and CDs

Simply send us your CDs/Vinyl etc, and we sell it for you on TheGenepool.co.uk. We will keep it in stock until you tell us to delete it, take the payment using our secure server, and ship it out - which gives you more time for doing the music!

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Selling your music Digitally

We can also get your songs onto all the major digital portals in a whole host of territories for one fixed set up fee and a commission from each track. You can go to the digital link above, upload all the data needed, plus the MP3's and the tracks will all go into the system. (please note that there is a four week set up time for your tracks to go live on Itunes etc)

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Manufacturing your CDs and Vinyl

And lastly if you have no idea of how to go about making a CD or piece of vinyl, we can guide you through what you need. Everything from barcodes, Catalogue numbers and templates to the actual manufacturing at very competitive prices!

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Want to release your CDs, Vinyl or MP3's? Maybe we can help...
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